Our impact

Domestic violence and Centrelink

Our 2018 report ‘How well does Australia’s social security system support victims of domestic violence?’ led the government to make policy changes to better support victims of domestic violence.


Our member community legal centres were on the frontline of helping people appeal Centrelink debts raised under the robodebt program. Our members provided regular media commentary and submissions on robodebt, highlighting its illegality and the impact it had on vulnerable people. In November 2019, the government announced that it would stop raising debts based solely on income averaging, which a Federal Court had declared illegal.

Disability Support Pension suspension

Our work as part of a campaign led by the Australian Federation of Disability Organisations helped prevent a proposed change to the Disability Support Pension. This would have reduced the amount of time a person with a disability can suspend payment while in custody

For more information on our impact see our impact report.

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