Our purpose

Our vision is a fair social security system in Australia. We work to achieve a fair social security system in Australia by:

Supporting member centres to deliver high quality legal services to people interacting with the social security system to ensure they can navigate the system and have access to their entitlements; and

Driving changes to social security law, policy and administration to improve outcomes for people experiencing disadvantage.

Our principles

A fair social security system is based on:

  • the right of all people in need to an adequate level of income support which is protected by law;
  • the right of people to be treated with respect and dignity by Centrelink and those administering the social security system;
  • the right to accessible information about social security rights and entitlements, obligations and responsibilities;
  • the right to receive prompt and appropriate service and social security payments without delay;
  • the right to a free, independent, informal, efficient and fair appeal system;
  • the right to an independent complaints system; and
  • the right to independent advice and representation.

For more information see our strategic plan.