2015-16 Federal Budget Submission

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The NWRN 2015-16 Federal Budget Submission calls on Government to ensure that Budget is balanced and fair with 30 recommendations that address both expenditure and revenue issues.

The NWRN’s 2015-16 Federal Budget Submission proposes modest increases to allowances and other spending targeted at areas of high need. It also suggests redirection of funds that could be better targeted within the social security and employment assistance areas. It urges the government to address the problem of declining revenue and resist the temptation to make pensioners, low income families and unemployed people bear the cost of its budget repair agenda.   

The submission urges the government to abandon the harmful social security measures from last year’s Federal Budget, which are still stalled in the Senate and include:

  • 6 month waiting periods for unemployment payments for people under 30
  • indexation changes that would see the value of payments eroded over time
  • increasing the Newstart Allowance age
  • increasing to  Age Pension age
  • abolishing the Pensioner Education Supplement.

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NWRN Federal Budget Submission

The Australian, http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/industrial-relations/welfare-network-wants-700m-diverted-from-work-scheme/story-fn59noo3-1227268542920