How can Economic Justice Australia’s community legal centres help?

Person’s income support payment has been cancelled

Why? What can be done to organise urgent reinstatement? What are the person’s appeal rights?

Social security and Family Assistance debts

Is the Centrelink debt valid? Are there grounds to appeal the debt? Are there grounds to waive recovery of the debt?

Mutual obligations

Are there grounds to appeal a non-payment penalty? Should the person have an exemption from mutual obligations?

Parenting Payment

Does the person’s Job Plan properly take into account the fact that the person’s child has a disability? Or that the person is a survivor of domestic violence?

Disability Support Pension

Should the person’s claim have been refused? Are there grounds to appeal?

Special Benefit

Is the person eligible? Does the person’s temporary visa attract payment?

Compensation preclusion periods

Can the person’s preclusion period be waived?

Appeals to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal

Are there grounds to appeal? What’s the process and time limit? What if the person can’t self-represent?

This information is also available as a PDF: Referral resource for financial counsellors.
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